Wild Boar Hunting In Tunisia

The Hunting Guide: Sellemi Kamel
N.B: In order to enter Tunisia, the passport is compulsory for hunters and accompanists.


It will be at a Hotel of 3 or 4 stars with full board.

Hunting Organization:

• Every day the group goes hunting in a new territory with a different team of beaters.
• All teams of beaters are composed of 15 to 20 beaters and a chief beater.
• Each team of beaters goes hunting in a different territory from the others.
• The hunting teams are supposed to leave the hotel for hunting everyday
• Between 6 a.m and 8 a.m. Departure time depends on the hunting territories.

We afford means of transport to go hunting: a minibus or four-wheel drive vehicles.
Hunters are supposed to have 3 or 4 stalking before lunch.
Lunch is prepared and served on the hunting territories.
Hunters are supposed to have 2 stalking in the afternoon.
Hunting territories are found in surroundings of 10 to 120 kms.
Our hunting is natural and therefore we cannot guarantee the results.


We recommend you: Wellington boots or leather shoes, waterproof coats and wool jumpers since October.
The import of 50 cartridges is the number allowed by each hunter.

Our Programs:

The week of hunting includes:
1st day: The arrival, the assistance at the airport and the transfer to the hotel.
2nd day: 1st day of hunting.
3rd day: 2nd day of hunting.
4th day: 3rd day of hunting.
5th day: 4th day of hunting.
6th day: 5th day of hunting.
7th day: 6th day of hunting.

Advice for a good hunting stay:

Hunters have to book in advance in order to give us much time so that we could choose the best territories and rooms.
Hunters have to send the following information, which are extremely necessary and compulsory at least 20 days before the arrival of the group.
(Groups should be between 4 and 12 hunters)

Name, Family name, Date and place of birth, Nationality, Address, Number and delivery date of the passport and Occupation.
The rifle:
The mark (brand), number, caliber, number of blow.
Name, Family name, Date and place of birth, Nationality, Address.
The people in charge of the group are asked to communicate all this information to every hunter.
Instructions of hunting:
The hunting season of wild boars starts at the beginning of October and finishes by the end of January.
• The hunting license is only valid 6 hunting days.
• In case of an additional stay, it is obligatory that you tell us in advance.
• In case of a last-minute cancellation, hunters have to pay a fixed price to cover the already hired expenses.
• Passports are obligatory in order to come to Tunisia for both the hunters and accompanists.
*According to the Tunisian law, each hunter has the right to bring ONE rifle.
• Rifled guns and shotguns are strictly forbidden.
• Three-barrelled rifles are strictly forbidden.
• It is strictly forbidden to shoot buckshot.
*The shooting game to which the tourists are allowed is: wild boars, jackals, mongooses and genets.

Shooting the woodcock, the stag, and the doe is strictly forbidden and might lead to a judiciary pursuit.
Hunting while it is snowing is forbidden and the hunting day is neither paid off nor replaced.

For further details, you can contact Mr. Sellemi Kamel